First Contact

First Contact
The series is developping the idea of interaction between man and balloons. Halfway in a dream and in science fiction, this is a encounter of the third kind. The balloon like a metaphor of an other form of life that would visit humanity to deliver a message. Unless it’s a representation of our most enigmatic dreams. In any case, this is an initiatic journey into the limbo of our subconscious, inviting us to disconect and think about our own journey.

Music by Xander Simmons

Art ici - Gagnant du concours 2016

Je suis extrêmement heureux d'annoncer que ma photo "Only The Winds" a gagné le concours "Art Ici 2016". Elle sera diffusé partout au Canada à travers le réseau d'affichage de Newad. Si vous la voyez (sûrement dans des toilettes), prenez une photo et envoyez là moi !




Interview on Sid Lee Collective

I was invited by James Alexander Dunphy for an interview about my creative process for the Sid Lee Collective blog. It was my first time being interview in live, and it was great to be able to explain more about my concepts. You can read it here

Article in Fahrenheit Magazine

A sweet article in the Spanish Magazine Fahrenheit. You can read it here

Article in Scene360

Happily surprise to be part of this article about 10 Canadian artist who reimagine frontiers in the great Scene360 Magazine!

You can check the entire article here

Article on Beautiful Decay

The website Beautiful Decay wrote a great article about my pictures, you can check it out here