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Clément Guégan (b. 1990, FRANCE)

Clément Guégan, is a surrealist visual artist, born in 1990 and live in Paris after few years in Canada. Self taught, his work, mainly photographic, represent people in search of identity, lost in undefined landscapes. He’s fascinated with the concepts of dreams and time, trying to capture these moments of loneliness, when we reveal our true self. In a world where everything is online, it is essential for Clément to create unique and tangible experiences around his exhibitions, going beyond the digital.

Publications :
“Réponse Photo” (Mars 2017)
“PHOTO” Magazine (Janvier 2017) 
Enter in the Cinematic Mindspace of Clement Guegan (interview) on Sid Lee Collective (May 2016)
FahrenheitMagazine (April 2016)
Article in “Savoir tout faire en photographie : La couleur” (May 2015 + 2016)
Featured on MTL Blog (2015)
Featured on (Avril 2014)
Interview & Featured on GetInspired Magazine (2015)
Worbz Pic of the day (2014)
Italian Vogue online (2014)
Exhibitions :
“Premier Contact” (Paris) (March 2018)
“Cinetrain” exposition collective au siège de la SNCF (la Plaine St-Denis) (November 2017)
“Les postes du futurs” pour le 375ème de Montréal (2017)
Newad Indoor Ads (all over Canada) (2016/2017)
Festival MAP Toulouse (France) (June 2016)
KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival (Japan) (May 2016)
“Falling Serie” during the Radical Queer Week, in Montréal (Canada) (2015)
“L’homme et la nature” in Saint Leu la Forêt (France) Awarded Best Picture of the year (2014)
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